Mold Removal & Remediation

Mold Removal and Remediation

Northwest Washington State receives a healthy amount of precipitation throughout the year. This is good for the region’s ecosystem and its agriculture, but that precipitation can cause a lot of damage to a house if its roof is leaking throughout that year. And leaks are not the only concern. In the Pacific Northwest, moisture is prevalent, so proper ventilation is very important in a home’s attic. A combination of improper ventilation and water intrusion in an attic can lead to serious mold problems—and no one likes mold.

Mold smells foul, and prolonged exposure can lead to health problems when it gets bad enough. People with mold allergies or asthma have worse reactions to breathing in mold spores. Breathing air contaminated with mold spores can trigger everything from asthma attacks to allergy-like symptoms to headaches. Mold will affect people differently—some worse than others—but one thing can be agreed upon: breathing mold spores indoors is not good for anyone.

When mold is present, attic cleaning professionals should be called to assess the situation and treat the mold. As a rule of thumb, once you can see the mold in the attic, it needs to come out. For example, once large swaths of the underside of a roof are covered in mold, simply spraying and wiping the boards probably won’t do anything. More than likely, the boards will have to be removed and replaced after the surrounding area is checked and treated.

What is Mold Removal and Remediation?

Since so many materials in the attic are porous, actually removing mold can be a difficult—if not impossible—task. Especially in the Pacific Northwest where the presence of mold spores is just a fact of life. Of course, complete mold removal is the ideal of any project, but remediation and abatement might be the actual plan of action. But don’t worry: just because mold spores are around doesn’t mean that mold growth is unavoidable. As aforementioned, a dry environment with proper ventilation will deter mold from growing in an attic; so availing yourself of mold removal and remediation services is a smart move. A proper remediation job will give your attic a good chance of staying mold free.

Remediation means the act of remedying. Therefore, mold remediation means fixing (remedying) a mold problem. The steps involved in this process will vary depending on the severity of the mold problem and the types of materials affected. For example, finished metal is more easily cleaned than wood beams or sheets of plywood; and any nearby insulation will have to be removed so that the surrounding materials can be checked. A professional will not really know how he or she wants to handle the problem until it is assessed.

Deterring Mold

Cleaning the attic will not do much long-term good, however, if the mold is not deterred. Abatement is a part of the mold removal and remediation process that addresses the causes of the mold. What variables are allowing the mold to grow in the attic? The variables (or causes) that most often lead to mold growth in an attic are poor ventilation and the presence of moisture. A professional can assess the attic’s ventilation and moisture levels through several means:

  • Ensuring that gable vents and other established vents are unobstructed to allow the attic to have proper cross ventilation
  • Inspecting the roof for holes or signs of leaks under shingles or around corners
  • Inspecting cold air ducts for signs of condensation and determining whether or not those ducts should be insulated
  • Inspecting exhaust vents and ensuring that bathroom fan vents empty outside of the attic

For proper abatement, the attic may need services that tie into other areas such as roofing, duct insulation, and attic sealing. These services may not be required for attic cleaners to clean the mold and provide minimal abatement. A professional will walk through these services with you once he or she inspected the mold and evaluated the attic for deterrence measures.

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