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From the small communities of Birdsview and Fishtown to the present-day county seat of Mount Vernon, Skagit County has cities, towns, and unincorporated areas of varying sizes and geographical location.

A major geographical landmark here is the fertile Skagit River valley that is known for its tulips and strawberries. Sedro-Woolley, Mount Vernon, and Burlington—three of the county’s four cities—are located along this river, and because of that they experience occasional flooding.

The fourth city, Anacortes, is located to the west, on Fidalgo Island. Along with a variety of settlements, Skagit County has a variety of landscapes that range from islands in the Puget Sound area to the Skagit River valley to Mount Buckner, the highest point in Skagit County.

Whether you live in Anacortes to the west or Sedro-Woolley to the east, your home needs the same maintenance and care to ensure that it stays healthy for years to come. Attic cleaning and crawl space cleaning services are available all over Skagit County in its four cities and their surrounding areas. Read on for a description of the services offered.

A clean attic and a clean crawl space are important to your home’s health and your family’s health. Both mold growth and rodent infestation may lead to poor air quality and health concerns.

Therefore, pest removal and mold removal and remediation are two services that should not be ignored if they are needed. Once pests are removed and mold has been cleaned, the causes of their presence can be addressed: Are there holes in your crawl space or attic vents? Are pipes leaking in your crawl space? Is moisture too high and uncontrolled?

Professionals offer a few services to help address common problems that can lead to mold growth and invite pests into your home.

Duct insulation and sealing for your attic and crawl space help regulate moisture on the ducts due to temperature differences between the air in the ducts and the surrounding space.

Insulated and sealed ducts have the added advantage of increasing energy efficiency and saving you a little money on bills. Attic sealing and crawl space encapsulation take things a step further and seal off your home as much as possible so that in the attic moisture is controlled through proper ventilation and in the crawl space moisture is controlled through a dehumidifier in an enclosed (encapsulated) environment.

These services help prevent mold and pest infestations, and they have the added benefits are providing cleanliness and increased energy efficiency.

Professionals may also suggest replenishing or replacing (if ruined) your attic insulation or crawl space insulation.

Insulation contaminated by mold or rodent droppings should be replaced, and areas of thin insulation should be at least replenished. Spray foam insulation is available to ensure that your home gets the coverage it needs.

This service helps prevent very cold floors or excessive heat loss in one room, which may strain your heating unit as it is forced to work harder to heat your home.

Skagit County Cities

  • In Anacortes, professionals can inspect your attic and crawl space for water intrusion and excessive moisture, which can lead to mold growth. Mold removal and remediation is available if you do have mold growing in your home on Fidalgo Island. While mold spores are pervasive and always present in the Pacific Northwest, your home can be properly ventilated (or even sealed and encapsulated) to regulate moisture and make it difficult for mold spores to take root.
  • In Burlington, flooding on the Skagit River is a concern to home safety, but so are other things such as pest and rodent infestation. Local pest removal services are available in this town located along Interstate 5 and the Skagit River. Attic sealing and crawl space encapsulation also help keep out pests.
  • In Mount Vernon, just south of and across the Skagit River from Burlington, all the same options are available for your attic cleaning and crawl space cleaning needs. Pests and mold can be removed, ruined insulation can be replaced with spray foam insulation, and your attic and crawl space can be sealed and encapsulated.
  • In Sedro-Woolley, crawl space and attic specialists can inspect and evaluate your home today. Located along the North Cascades Highway, Sedro-Woolley is in the Skagit River flood plain and occasionally floods. However, flooding is not the only concern for homeowners in this small city. Mold, pests, and temperature control can be problems, as well. To varying degrees, spray foam insulation, duct insulation and sealing, attic sealing, and crawl space encapsulation will all help regulate temperature and save energy.

Find attic and crawl space professionals in your city, and see what service is right for your home. Schedule your inspection and evaluation today!

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