Crawl Space Insulation

Crawl Space Insulation

Crawl spaces use the same insulation—fiberglass, cellulose, denim, spray foam, etc.—as other parts of a building, so homeowners have the same options for crawl space insulation as they do for an attic. No matter what kind of insulation is chosen, though, it is important that the desired area be appropriately and evenly covered. Buying the correct amount of insulation doesn’t do much one area has twice as much insulation installed and another area next to none. Energy will escape through the uninsulated area. Proper crawl space insulation is so important that minimal standards are set by building codes.

Minimal standards, however, probably will not provide optimal energy efficiency and savings. Whether you are building a home and need new crawl space insulation installed or are cleaning an old home and need crawl space insulation removed and replaced, professionals can inspect and audit your home and provide a plan tailored to your needs and energy efficiency goals. For example, when installing insulation in a new home contractors might recommend the use of spray foam even though it is a more expensive type of insulation. The extra costs of spray foam usually are offset by the increased savings accrued over time, so a larger home with high heating and cooling costs can benefit a lot from such services.

When it comes to cleaning crawl spaces, however, insulation typically must be removed and replaced. Crawl space insulation removal is straightforward: the insulation is removed from the walls or joists, disposed of, and replaced with whichever insulation is chosen. Many circumstances may warrant the removal and disposal of old insulation from a crawl space. One such circumstance is the presence of mold, which may require insulation to be removed during the cleaning process. A crawl space cleaning service should not clean the visible mold and assume there is no mold behind the insulation directly next to the affected area. More than likely, mold spores are in the insulation and on its paper backing, and mold may be growing behind the insulation. No one will know until it is removed and inspected. Once mold is cleaned, new insulation will be installed.

Another circumstance that may require insulation removal is a pest infestation. Rats love crawl spaces and certain types of insulation such as fiberglass. If rats or other rodents get into your home, then they can burrow into your insulation and destroy it. Insulation soiled with rodent urine and feces creates an unhealthy environment with poor air quality. Simply removing the pests and doing exclusion work to block reentry is not enough. Wiring, boards, and vent screens must be checked for damage, and soiled insulation must be replaced.

Have Your Crawl Space Insulation Checked Soon.

Contact us and schedule an inspection of your crawl space. Crawl space specialists are available to audit your home in Snohomish and Skagit counties. They can clean and repair your crawl space and make sure it functions optimally for years to come.

During an audit, a professional will look for signs of mold, pest infestations, and other damage to your crawl space and its insulation. He or she will let you know if insulation needs to be removed and replaces, and can talk with you about the best options for your new insulation. An audit also will provide suggestions on new places to insulate. For example, uninsulated piped should be insulated to prevent freezing during winter, and rim joists could be filled and insulated to prevent air flow (and energy loss) through these crevices. The services that are suggested after an audit will be aimed at retaining energy to maintain the home’s climate and increase energy efficiency. If spray foam is chosen for new insulation, then the crawl space receives the added benefit of more extensive air sealing which helps keep out pests when used around exterior walls and vents. Proper insulation, sealing, and ventilation will improve a

Don’t wait. Get your audit scheduled now. Proper insulation helps make a healthy crawl space and a healthy home. You and your family can breathe easier and live more comfortably in a properly cooled and warmed home.

ir quality in your crawl space and in your home.


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