Pest Control

Pest Removal

Certain rodents and other pests love nesting in an attic. Letting pests have free run of your attic is a recipe for trouble, so action needs to be taken as soon as noises are heard in the attic or holes are noticed in the roof or siding. A professional will look around your attic for the pests or, if they are gone, for signs of them—signs such as scat that will identify the pests if you have heard but have not seen them yet. Once the pest is identified, a plan can be made for pest removal.

What is Pest Removal?

Pest removal is a straightforward service: A pest is in your attic, and someone removes it. Simple, right? Well, yes—and no. There is a little more to the process to that. If the pest is just removed, then it is only a matter of time before another one finds the same entry point and has to be removed as well. To avoid this, there are a couple other steps that usually go along with removal: attic cleaning and exclusion. A professional will assess an attic for cleanup and exclusion work, but it is the homeowner’s decision whether or not to take preventive measures (exclusion work) once the current pests are removed.

Removal, Exclusion, and Cleanup

A professional called in for pest removal will decide on the best method for removing the pest(s). The method will depend on the type of animal and the point of entry (or multiple points) in the attic. Once the pest is removed, the entry point used by the pest will be sealed. Also, the attic can be evaluated for more exclusion work. In cases with a wide hole or extensive water damage, however, a roofer may need to repair the holes.

Afterward, the attic will need to be cleaned and repaired. The attic will be evaluated for various kinds of damage: ruined insulation, chewed wood, chewed wiring, chewed ducts, water damage from holes in the roof or gables, etc. An attic professional can tidy the attic space by removing ruined insulation and ducts and replacing them, but some damage inside the attic may also require other professionals. Chewed electrical wiring will require the attention of an electrician, and some wood damage may require a roofer or contractor.

Rodents and Other Large Pests

Squirrels, raccoons, and opossums are notorious for finagling their way into attics. Bats, too, love to take up residence in an attic. For larger pests such as these, exclusion work and constant vigilance are the best deterrence methods. If existing barriers are not working, then they should be replaced with stronger ones. For example, if wood slats on gable vents are constantly being chewed, then metal vents could be installed instead; if thin screens are destroyed, then stronger screens can be installed.

Other vulnerable areas can be reinforced with metal as well. For example, squirrels are incredibly persistent. Once one finds a place to chew into an attic, if it is merely evicted, then chances are it will come back and chew on the new wood. Sometimes, metal siding is placed in that specific area, but this only protects one small section of wood. Vigilance is needed to prevent squirrels and other rodents from forcing their way into another area of the attic.

Termites and Other Small Pests

For small pests, environmental control is the best deterrence. Many bugs prefer a crawl space, but termites will go where the wood is, and wasps love the gables of an attic. Small pests like moisture, so keeping an attic dry and properly ventilated can help deter pests. Having a solid roof without leaks will help keep an attic dry, and proper ventilation will help moisture evaporate and leave the attic. To deter wasps, vents should be properly screened, and the attic should be checked if wasps are constantly spotted around gables or awnings.

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