Burien Crawl Space Cleaning

Compared to solid concrete slab foundations, crawl spaces are more commonplace in moist climates prone to flooding and heavy rainfall. Burien, Washington is no exception. It receives a little above the annual average rainfall and the sky is overcast most days of the year.

While it’s true that crawl spaces have some practical advantages, there are some serious drawbacks, too. When homeowners don’t care well for these cold, dark, and clammy places, problems arise. Under favorable conditions, different kinds of mold creep in, rodents and pests infiltrate, and dampness damages your walls, floorboards, and support structures.

So how do we tackle the problems that come with constructing a crawl space? The short answer is you need attention from a professional crawl space cleaner for proper maintenance and lasting prevention.

Below, we’ll walk you through the process of hiring a service equipped for the challenge.

Crawlspace problems in Burien

Burien Crawl Space CleaningCrawl spaces are usually insulated to cool or warm your living space. It is not uncommon for the insulation to wear away, however, or to be installed poorly in the first place, especially by amateurs. Badly insulated or uninsulated crawl spaces will add to energy bills quickly.

Cooling and heating are heightened by rising humidity levels and systems overcompensate when heat escapes through floorboards, for example. The humidity also seeps into supports, subflooring, and other structural aspects during the wet summers. Not only does it damage the structural integrity of your home, but it makes your crawl space a hotbed for wood rot and mold.

Fungi, insects, and rodents also love moist, warm places. If left unchecked, these unwanted residents could easily infest your crawl space. These collective challenges are also prone to affect the health of your family.

Burien’s climate is comfortable, but unfortunately, dampness is rife, which spells trouble for homeowners.

How do our crawlspace cleaning services help?

Properly laid out insulation saves you a sizable amount in utility bills, but you need trained professionals to handle the task. We’ll repair and replace worn out, damaged, and missing insulation and you have several insulation options on offer.

Fiberglass is a popular crawlspace insulation choice, but if you fancy something more innovative, spray foam insulation is an excellent alternative. Spray foam can insulate multiple surfaces and doubles as a sealant for vents and electrical wiring. It expands on the application, reaching inaccessible spots that other types of insulation cannot.

Our seasoned professionals also rid your crawl space of mold and remedy any infestations. They also take measures to prevent reoccurrence of mold and ensure pests can not invade the space under your home in the future.

Why choose us?

The bottom line is that crawl spaces require proper care. You need a trustworthy and professional crawlspace service always available in your city.

Luckily, you don’t have to look any further, because we’ve been providing a wide selection of crawl space cleaning services in Burien for over a decade. It’s an excellent and efficient service that won’t break your bank.

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