Carnation Crawl Space Cleaning

Contractors generally recommend building crawl spaces in climates which promote moisture accumulation or have soil which sinks under the pressure of a heavy structure. The city of Carnation, in King County, Washington, is a great example of these specific environmental conditions and it commonly requires homes built on crawl space foundations.

Carnation receives above-average rainfall annually and crawl space serves as an ideal foundation here. A crawl space elevates the house, saving it from persistent water damage, pooled water that erodes soil foundations, and annual flooding.

Crawl spaces are disgusting and repugnant places, however, teeming with insects, critters, droppings, toxic mold, and all sorts of other unmentionables. Obviously, homeowners like to steer clear of maintaining and cleaning the crawl spaces ourselves. Leaving them overlooked and abandoned, though,  poses alarming drawbacks that threaten the health of your family and the structural integrity of your home.

What are these threats and how can you neutralize them?

Crawl space problems in Carnation

Carnation Crawl Space CleaningUnfortunately, crawl spaces aren’t impervious to moisture unless they are properly insulated. “Stack effect” vapors rise from the ground and condense on joints, floorboards, and other wooden structures, seeping in over time. These droplets are a concern because they cause direct water damage to drywall and ceilings.

Mold and wood rot thrive on organic matter, like wood, and use moisture for growth. Mold can significantly weaken supports and overall structural integrity, though. So moisture affects your home both directly and indirectly.

When mold and rot take root in your home’s foundation, the crawlspace in our case, it also begins sapping. You’ll find floorboards sagging, drywalls cracking, and doors snapping inexplicably as the entire structure sinks and warps. This can be a dreadfully stressful situation for any homeowner to endure and you need to address it sooner rather than later.

Luckily, it’s is easy to nip them in the bud, so to speak. These are some tell-tale signs:

  • musky odors,
  • cold floors,
  • an unusual upsurge in your energy bill,
  • floorboards buckling under pressure,
  • condensation, and
  • an infestation.

If any of these problems become apparent, your crawl space might be at risk (and by extension your house and the health of your loved ones).

How do our crawlspace cleaning services help?

We offer a multitude of solutions for a damp crawl space, ranging from crawl space encapsulation to the installation of dehumidifiers. Encapsulation seals any empty or inaccessible places, cracks, and vents. When vents and ducts are correctly sealed, air circulation is contained and there should be a corresponding drop in your energy bill.

In addition to encapsulation, a vapor barrier completely seals out any dampness leaving your crawl space dry and moisture-free. If the moisture content in the air is unusually high, you also have the option of installing a dehumidifier, which curbs mold growth and regulates relative humidity within a narrow range.

Why choose us?

We appreciate the urgency of recovery and maintenance, but sadly, there are no official industry standards for crawlspace care. This makes hiring professionals, who will provide top-notch service, a bit tricky.

Don’t worry, we have been providing stellar crawlspace cleaning services for over ten years. Our professionals leverage their training and long-standing experience to best meet your crawl space care needs. You won’t have to call us twice.

Contact us

If you suspect that your crawl space is in the need for repairs, cleaning or complete recovery, call us to schedule an audit today. You can budget the process before hiring us, so don’t hesitate to call our friendly professionals for a consultation. The sooner you learn the extent of damage, the easier it is to rectify it.

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