How to Do a Professional Crawl Space Inspection for DIY’ers

How to Do a Professional Crawl Space Inspection for DIY’ers

Are you planning to buy a new home? Are you preparing your current home for the market? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you know you should conduct sufficient crawl space inspection. We’ll show you how to inspect like a professional and the things you should consider before hiring an expert.

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How Often Should You Inspect Your Crawl Space?

You’ll agree with us that the crawl space is one area which receives the least attention because it’s hardly visible and difficult to access. Still, you should ensure that your crawl space is clean just as you do with the other areas of your room. If you don’t take adequate measures to maintain your crawl space, then it is likely to become the ideal breeding area for pests, mold, and dust. Ensure to inspect your crawl space when you notice the following signs.

Helpful tips:

Bad Odor

If you notice bad odor emanating from the crawl space, it could be as a result of various reasons such as rotting of the attic insulation as a result of dead rodents or water absorption.

Abnormal Temperature Changes in your Home

Do you feel that your air conditioner is working extra harder to retain normal temperatures in the home? If the answer is yes, then you need to inspect your attic and crawl space with immediate effect as this could be an indication that the attic insulation is either old or damaged and requiring a replacement.

During Calamitous Weather

If your region experiences rough weather, such as torrential rains or strong winds, you may want to inspect your attic and crawl space to rule out any leaks. Excess rains and cause flooding in your attic and crawl space and strong winds may introduce foreign items in your roof. Conduct an inspection immediately before the problem escalates.

If You Notice Pests Crawling Within Your Space

Have you noticed pests such as mice, rats, ants, or even spiders crawling in your home? If the answer is yes, then it’s time to conduct a thorough inspection in your attic and crawl space. Remember, pests thrive in a dirty environment and this could indicate that your attic and crawl space are dirty and require maintenance.

During Spring

Spring is often wet and it’s during this season when many homeowners engage in spring cleaning activities. Remember to include your crawl space in your cleaning schedule. Since the environment is usually wet during spring, you may want to inspect your crawl space to rule out any wetness. Ensure to inspect the crawl space regularly during spring to avert the effects of wetness.

Winter inspections

Winter is a harsh season and many creatures will be looking for ideal places to hibernate from the biting cold. You want to ensure that there are no cracks or gaps in your crawl space, and if there are, ensure they are sealed off discourage rodents from accessing and dwelling in the area. You don’t need a professional to conduct the above-mentioned inspections. You can easily execute them on your own.

What Does A Crawl Space Inspection Entail?

When you conduct a crawl space inspection, you’ll need to identify any problems that are likely to escalate if action isn’t taken to avert the situation. You’ll need to check the following:

  • Mildew and mold along the walls or a musty odor emanating from your crawl space or the attic
  • Signs of termites forming along the walls
  • Foundation or wall problems such as shifting, gaps, or even cracks
  • Any plumbing or wiring problems
  • Signs of vermin, pests, rodents, or proof of damage they may have caused
  • Floor framing and damage along with the wooden supports
  • Potential signs of hazardous materials such as formaldehyde or asbestos
  • Potential vapor barriers
  • Vents and ventilation to establish their clarity and sufficiency respectively

If you decide to hire an expert to inspect your crawl space, ensure they carry out an appropriate inspection as indicated above. They could also establish other telltale signs and give you recommendations accordingly.

What to Expect from a Crawl Space Inspection

You can perfect your crawl space inspection skills by calling in an expert and watching how they execute their tasks. Once the expert gets in your home, they’ll establish the accessibility of the crawl space. Are there any barriers or is the space too small to navigate through? For many inspectors can work with an 18 inch tall and 24-inch wide space even though some may need more.

The next step is to find out how safe the crawl space is. Some things may hinder crawl space access such as exposed screws or nails, stagnant water, exposed electrical works, and mildew or mold odor. If the crawl space is safe and spacious enough, the inspector will navigate through and conduct sufficient assessment.

Will a Crawl Space Inspection Save you Time and Money?

If you are planning to sell your home and especially when you want to sell it through an agent, they’ll need you to have inspected your home. They reckon that it helps them establish a fair price for your home. It’s clear that inspecting your home increases its value.

Assuming you’re not selling your home, conducting an inspection will help you establish any underlying problems and allows you to work on them before the situation escalates. For instance, an inspection may reveal excessive dampness in your crawl space. By making an early detection, you have the opportunity to carry out repairs and avoid major damages on the foundation of your home.

Other helpful tips:


After you’ve inspected and established any potential problems, you’ll need to call in a professional to conduct thorough cleaning in your crawl space. The good thing about hiring an expert cleaner is that they’re thorough in their work and they’ll eliminate all debris in your crawl space creating a healthy environment for you and your loved ones. If you want to perfect your crawl space inspection skills, you’ll need to interact with professional inspectors and watch them execute their tasks. The advantage of having expert skills is that you’ll be able to conduct regular inspections without incurring any costs.

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