Waterproof Insulation: How to Protect Your Crawl Space Against Moisture

Waterproof Insulation: How to Protect Your Crawl Space Against Moisture

If your crawl space is wet, many things can go wrong. Not only does it become a breeding ground for mildew and mold, but it also exposes you and your family to bad air quality, which can compromise your health. Do you want to know how to protect your crawl space against moisture? Do so with waterproof insulation.


A Simple Guide to Keeping Your Crawl Space Dry


You can use these simple steps to keep your crawl space dry.


Prevent Water from Penetrating in the Crawl Space


How many times do you inspect your crawl space? Have you thought about the importance of conducting inspections regularly? Perhaps you don’t think that it’s important but it is. By inspecting your crawl space, you’re able to notice any cracks or holes along the foundation of your crawl space. 


If there’s any cause for alarm, then you’ll want to call in a crawl space expert. Don’t attempt to repair it yourself unless you’re qualified to do so. An expert is more qualified to inspect the crawl space for any structural damages and recommending the ideal solution. Make sure all leaks are well repaired and use waterproof insulation on your cold pipes to avert condensation. 


Eliminate Puddles or any other Moisture Source


You want to free your crawl space from any source of moisture. Inspect your gutters, the drainage system, and the grading. Are they responsible for moisture in your crawlspace? If there are any signs of leakage, then you should call in an expert immediately. 


Declutter Your Crawl Space


Cleanliness in your crawl space is critical. With a clean crawl space, you’ll be able to access it with ease for regular inspections. What’s more, cleanliness keeps pests and rodents at bay. Remove any clutter or unwanted debris from your crawl space, ensure that the surfaces and walls are free from mold and mildew, and check for any signs of rodents such as droppings and eliminate them as well. 


Whatever you do, you want to call in professionals to help you eradicate mold, mildew, and even rodents. Remember, there are various safety precautions you need to adopt when cleaning your crawl space. If you’re not qualified in that field, leave all the work to the professionals. You don’t want to spread mold in other parts of your home in the removal process. 


Use Crawl Space Encapsulation


Crawl space encapsulation will come in handy to help you in your efforts to keep your crawl space dry. If you’re wondering what this is, it’s the process of treating your crawl space to convert a moldy, dirty, and damp crawl space into a dry and clean area where mold or even indoor allergens and air pollutants can thrive in. 


You can do so by installing a sump pump to eradicate excess moisture from your crawl space. Place a 20 mil thick vapor barrier across the floor and the wall. Avoid covering the vapor barrier with dirt or barrier because it’ll make it difficult for you to notice any puddles forming as a result of plumbing leaks. 


The next thing you should do is to install a crawl space dehumidifier and ensure that its energy-efficient to maintain dryness in your crawl space. The final step will be conditioning the air in your crawl space. 


Using Waterproof Insulation in Your Crawl Space


You may want to use a vapor barrier to seal your crawl space. Studies suggest that a vapor barrier comes with numerous other benefits apart from the fact that it plays a major role in keeping the crawl space dry. Using encapsulation as a waterproof insulation method can be beneficial for you want to reduce your heating and cooling costs. 


Experts say that when you encapsulate your crawl space, you’ll regulate humidity in your home making it cleaner and healthier. Crawl space insulation helps you keep your home more energy-efficient. If you’ve not yet insulated your crawl space, you can be sure that both cool and hot air will easily disappear through the floor. 


The good thing about insulation is that it helps you minimize energy expenses as well as improves the quality of air in your home. Crawl spaces come in two types; non-ventilated and ventilated. Each type needs its different type of insulation. Regardless of the type of crawl space you have in your home, your goal should be to ensure that it’s well insulated. 


Types of Waterproof Insulation


There are various types of waterproof insulation solutions you can use to keep your crawl space dry as seen below




Polyiso is a stiff composite foam board insulation that you can use on your ceilings and walls. It’s made from different synthetic and chemical materials which are taken through a heating process before being cooled to form stiff panels. Once they’re produced, they’re sandwiched between exterior layers of fiberglass and recycled paper products to form their closed-cell structure, enhancing the waterproof features of polyiso. 


One major benefit of the sandwiching process is that it keeps this insulation stable during extremely low temperatures. The best features of polyiso are its ability to withstand cold, heat, and moisture, making it a worthy choice for your crawl space. 




XPS is a stiff and waterproof insulation material made using a mixture of polystyrene pellets and different chemicals. The mixture is then taken through a heating process which liquefies the pellets. Once the pellets cool down, they’ll turn to form small beads. The beads are then heated, and introduced into flat molds. 


After the molds have cooled down, the material is divided to form varying widths, lengths, and densities of panels which you can purchase and use as insulation. The final product is usually a dense, stiff, waterproof material that is ideal for insulating foundation walls, cement slabs, and roofing. 




Waterproof insulation is an ideal solution if you want to maintain a dry crawl space. As mentioned above, a dry crawl space is critical. Not only does it discourage the growth of mold, but it also improves the air in your home, hence creating a conducive and healthy environment for you and your loved ones. For more information contact Local Isulation Pros

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