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Anacortes crawl space cleaning

There is not a much more idyllic place to call home than the seaside city of Anacortes, Washington. The small city boasts local hiking, whale watching, and waterways that are part of the large Washington State Ferries system. Situated on Fidalgo Island, this picturesque landscape is a daily reality for around 15,000 people—people who have to worry about real life problems the same as anyone else. Home health is a constant concern when living on the coast: moisture, storms, and wildlife and pests from nearby woods all need to be considered.

But don’t stress. Protecting your home doesn’t have to be a DIY project. There are professionals in the Anacortes area who make cleaning your attic and crawl space their number one priority. A whole range of services are available to make sure you are well taken care of and are satisfied with the end results.

Attic Cleaning

Other than storage uses, you probably think of an attic as a temperature control tool, a buffer between your home and the elements—and that’s the gist of it. Several things should be done to make sure that an attic is optimized for this purpose. Firstly, you should consider the attic insulation. Is it evenly and appropriately spread out, or do you need some spray foam insulation added to one area or another? This is a basic service provided by your local attic cleaning company.

If you require rodent or pest removal, then you may need some insulation removed and replaced. Squirrels, raccoons, and other animals that nest in your attic will leave feces and urine behind, and that should be removed. Once the rodents, insects, or other pests have been removed, you might avail yourself of attic sealing and duct insulation and sealing services. This will ensure that rodents will not easily gain access to your attic; and sealing corners, gaps, and around turbines and ducts will make it harder for insects to gain access as well.

Attic sealing has another benefit that was mentioned earlier: temperature regulation. Anacortes doesn’t have extremely cold temperatures, but summers can be toasty, and those changing temperatures aren’t good for an exposed attic. Once sealed, you will have better moisture control and air flow in your attic.

This is important, because uncontrolled temperature swings plus excessive moisture will lead to mold. If your roof had leaks in the past and your attic is not ventilating properly, then you may have mold now. A professional can inspect the space and offer mold removal and remediation services. Attic sealing and mold removal will be higher-end services, but they are worth it for the health of your home and family.

Crawl Space Cleaning

The range of services provided for an attic are also provided for a crawl space. Temperature regulation in a crawl space is just as important as in attic. One sign of poor crawl space insulation can be unusually cold floors in one room of your home. This is a sign that insulation is missing or that it was improperly installed. You can have a reliable professional inspect your crawl space and add spray foam insulation where necessary.

Duct insulation and sealing, pest removal, and mold removal and remediation services are also available, just as they are for your attic. The biggest difference in services offered comes in the sealing options. Attics mostly can be sealed, but they must maintain ventilation. Crawl spaces, on the other hand, are only vented to allow moisture to evaporate. With crawl space encapsulation, however, everything is sealed and covered, and a dehumidifier is used to keep moisture controlled.

Whether you have squirrels in your attic, mold in your crawl space, or just want your spaces cleaned and the insulation fixed, your local professionals have you covered. Get an inspection and evaluation today so that your family can enjoy a clean and healthy home for years to come.

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