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Burlington crawl space cleaning

The city of Burlington is located along the I-5 corridor, between Seattle and Vancouver. Anyone familiar with the northwest region of Washington State might know this quaint city because of its annual Berry Dairy Days festival. However, what a festival goer might not think about while hanging out along Fairhaven Avenue is how Burlington is situated directly in the Skagit River’s flood plain. Skagit County Dike District 12 directly protects Burlington from average floods, but officials predict that a 100-year flood would flood the entire city.

“So what,” you say, “Tell me something I don’t know.” Yes, you know the Skagit River floods, and you have flood insurance; but now that you’re thinking about your house, let’s talk similar risk factors—water-related and otherwise. We constantly provide upkeep for the living spaces of our homes, yet we don’t go cleaning our attics and crawl spaces every week. But they need attention and maintenance. If left unwatched and unguarded, a host of problems may arise in these spaces: water damage that leads to rot or mold, which can lead to smells; pests that chew through wood and wiring, and may die and leave smells; and uncontrolled temperature swings that lead to rising energy bills.

The solution is simple: find a professional who can inspect, evaluate, and work on your attic and crawl space to ensure that your home is as protected as it can be.

Attic Cleaning

There are a few things that can be done in your attic and crawl space to clean and optimize them in order to aid in energy retention and to keep unwanted stuff out. Options vary in scale and scope, and prices vary accordingly.

For pests, options range from simple pest removal to more elaborate exclusion-type work, which can be attic sealing and crawl space encapsulation. A professional can assess your pest situation and determine if traps or one-way doors are needed to remove the rodent(s) and then provide options to keep them out for good. Patching and sealing a small hole could be all that is necessary, or you might need to cover vents, reinforce wooden areas, and reseal around corners, cracks, and turbines.

For moisture, water, and temperature control, options are similar. Perhaps your spaces are dry, and all you need is a small area reinsulated—in which case, simple crawl space insulation or attic insulation will suffice. Spray foam insulation can be a reasonable fix for under-insulated sections of your crawl space or attic. However, if moisture is a problem, then a professional can evaluate your spaces for containment sealing, duct insulation and sealing, mold removal and remediation, and (once again) the more extreme attic sealing and crawl space encapsulation services.

Crawl Space Cleaning

While the last options are costlier, they may be the correct choice for your home. When done properly, these services leave your spaces sealed from the elements and pests, and dry from excessive moisture. Considering the value of your home and the peace of mind acquired, having a professional inspect and evaluate your home may be a smart decision to make. You can rest easier when you don’t have to worry about rodents in your crawl space or about water in your attic after a bad storm.

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