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Mount-Vernon-crawl-space-cleaningThe county seat of Skagit County has a population of over 31,000 people. That means a lot of homes lie in the Skagit River flood plain. This area is perfect for growing tulips, but not so much for building homes. New housing developments may be build away from immediate flood zones when possible, but areas such as Mount Vernon’s downtown flood regularly. This is just a fact of life in the Skagit valley. Dike systems and flood walls help protect the small city and its landmarks like the Lincoln Theatre, but homes still carry flood insurance.

When water enters a home, you set to work right away: drywall is removed, lumber is dried and treated or replaced, etc. But do you think about the bottom of your home and its everyday moisture control? Maybe you think a crawl space is always damp. That’s the nature of a crawl space, right? Wrong.

A crawl space is similar to an attic. They both act as buffers to prevent unwanted heating or cooling loss, and both should have controlled moisture levels, regulated air flow, and both should be pest and mold free.

If you need repairs—or just haven’t had your attic and crawl space looked at since you bought your home—then contact a professional in the Skagit County area to inspect your home. They can offer any of the following services for crawl space cleaning and attic cleaning.

Attic Cleaning

Pest removal: Rodents and pest need to be removed. Maybe you have rats or termites in your crawl space, or squirrels or wasps in your attic. They can cause structural damage by eating your lumber, cause fire hazards by eating wiring, and cause poor air quality by leaving feces and urine behind. Once pests are removed, you may need to remove soiled insulation.

Insulation: Both attic insulation and crawl space insulation keep your home warm during winter and cool during summer. If insulation needs to be replaced or replenished, a professional can apply spray foam insulation as needed.

Duct insulation and sealing: Your home has turbines and ducts. Ducts can benefit from sealing and insulation services. This will further ensure that air flow is controlled, and a proper job will save you more money on your heating and cooling bills.

Attic sealing: This is the ultimate care for your attic. Sealing your attic means that only the vents are open to the outside, and everything else is kept sealed between your ceiling and attic, and sometimes even along the inside of the roof.

Crawl Space Cleaning

Crawl space encapsulation: This is for your crawl space what attic sealing is for your attic, except an encapsulation also seals the vents. The ground and walls of the crawl space are covered. Since the vents are sealed, a dehumidifier is used for moisture control. This option provides optimal temperature control and savings on your energy bill.

Mold removal and remediation: If flood water has been in your crawl space or if a leaking roof let water into your attic, then you may have mold established in these spaces. If needed, this process should not be delayed. “Harmful” or not, it is best to remove any noticeable mold, because even harmless molds can irritate the respiratory system and will cause the area to smell. Whatever you need to get your attic and crawl space cleaned and squared away, your local professionals in the Skagit County area will get it done.

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