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Sedro-Woolley crawl space cleaning

Whether you live somewhere luxurious and outlandish, like the Sedro-Woolley castle, or somewhere more befitting an Everyman, your home requires the same maintenance as any other—especially when it comes to attic cleaning and crawl space cleaning.

The city of Sedro-Woolley is land-locked, but there is plenty of water around. The Skagit River, which has the potential for regular and 100-year floods, flows nearby, and Padilla Bay and Skagit Bay are only a few miles to the west. The local climate is by no means that of a rain forest, but it is a near Oceanic climate, so there are no bone-dry summers here. All of this means that mold and mildew can thrive in the region. Furthermore, an abundance of water means thriving vegetation, which means bugs and critters (and the problems they bring) abound as well. These are all factors to consider when you think about caring for your home.

But don’t worry! There are professionals in the Sedro-Woolley area who make venturing into your attic and crawl space their business. A host of services are available for you to take advantage of so that you can have a clean attic and crawl space, which will give you peace of mind in knowing that your house is well taken care of, from top to bottom.

Attic Cleaning

Insulation and temperature regulation probably come to mind when you think of your attic and its maintenance. There are several services that you can consider to ensure that your attic is optimized for temperature and moisture control. You can have your attic insulation checked for appropriate amounts and placement, and you can have spray foam insulation added as needed; you can have your attic sealing checked and improved; and you can ask for duct insulation and sealing. Any one, or any combination, of these services will provide varying levels of temperature control and energy conservation.

But don’t stop there! When you have a professional check on your insulation, you should have him or her check your attic for other issues, too. For instance, squirrels and birds can gain entry to and nest in your attic if it is not sealed properly. A professional can look for signs of pests and offer pest removal solutions. He or she can also let you know if any poor temperature regulation or sealing has caused mold to grow in your attic. Mold can be bad, but don’t worry, because it can also be remedied. A professional can provide mold removal and remediation services for your attic.

Crawl Space Cleaning

No place in the home epitomizes the saying “out of sight, out of mind,” like the crawl space. It is dark and uninviting, and perhaps you haven’t even thought about it since having your home inspected upon purchase. Crawl space maintenance is important to your home’s health, though, so don’t neglect it.

Many of the problems that affect your attic also can affect your crawl space, and the same professionals can provide services for both. They can check your crawl space insulation and add spray foam insulation; check for pests and offer pest removal services; check for mold and offer mold removal and remediation; provide duct insulation and sealing; and, for the ultimate protection from excess moisture, provide crawl space encapsulation.

Whether you think your attic has been affected by water damage in the past or your floors just feel exceptionally cold, enlist the services of a professional and get your attic and crawl space cleaned and protected.

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