Bothell Crawl Space Cleaning

Do your walls and wooden structures feel damp to the touch or have discoloration resulting from water damage? Does your crawlspace have a musky odor or smell of mold growth?

Have you noticed any signs of a pest infestation, like droppings or critters scurrying about? Has there been a sudden surge in your electrical bill?

If the answer to at least some of these questions is yes, then poor crawl space maintenance may be partly to blame. Homeowners often leave crawl spaces neglected, not realizing this can invite a host of problems. It won’t just put a dent in your wallet, but also threatens the health and well-being of your loved ones over time.

Moist climates see above-average precipitation and usually favor houses built on a crawlspace foundation. This type of foundation elevates the house, protecting it against damage from pooled water and flooding. The city of Bothell in Washington with its oceanic vistas is no exception, and crawl spaces are a regular feature on the property front.

Bothell Crawl Space CleaningIn winter, the rain and snowfall in Bothell promote excessive moisture accumulation, which is often the starting point for structural weakening and infestations. Frustrating as they may be, these problems are serious problems and demand immediate attention from cleaning professionals in your locale.

There’s plenty more to choosing the right cleaning service than calling the first name you look up online. There are no set industry standards for crawl space cleaning and hiring poorly trained and inexperienced servicemen can easily cost you more than you bargained for in the long run. On top of the uncertainty, you may have to spend extra money correcting shoddy crawl space work.

If it’s a professional and high-quality crawl space service you’re after, then you’ve found the right page. Keep reading to find out why we’re the best choice in Bothell.

Crawl space problems in Bothell

Vapors in humid climates, like Bothell, condense and seep through walls, floors, and insulation. It’s called the‘stack effect’, and it compromises the entire structure of your home. Moisture builds up in vents, too, allowing mold, mildew, and wood rot to spread unchecked, which further weakens support.

Excessive moisture raises the humidity levels inside your living space, which is a major concern since higher-humidity potentially increases electrical bills, too. When the surrounding air is moist, the air conditioning unit must compensate for the density to maintain cooler temperatures. The mold can also affect the air you breathe and lead to serious health problems.

These are only a few issues among a multitude of problems from poorly maintained crawl spaces.

How do our crawl space cleaning services help?

Our team of qualified and well-trained pros will thoroughly clean your crawl space using professional techniques and top-notch equipment. A thorough cleaning not only curtails moisture levels but removes mold growth. If the crawl space is infested with rodents or pests, our servicemen will do thorough extermination.

After a thorough cleaning, our professionals seal the entry points, plug gaps, and repair cracks to keep the rodents at bay. If the airflow is restricted or contaminated, they’ll repair it for proper circulation.

To improve energy efficiency and save on electrical bill, you can also consider crawl space encapsulation. For insulation purposes, one of our most popular options if spray-foam insulation. You can also choose to insulate and seal the duct system.

Why choose us?

Improper installations and shoddy cleaning work—installing fiberglass in damp environments, repairing sagged floors without removing mold first or encapsulating without proper ventilation—results in your wasted time and money. You need dependable professionals who provide quality work. We promise to deliver the quality service you require.

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If you have questions or wish to schedule an inspection in Bothell, don’t hesitate to contact us before the crawl space problems deteriorate any further.

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