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Arlington crawl space cleaning

Arlington, Washington sits between I-5 and Washington State Route 9. The city’s northern border is the Stillaguamish River, and this river valley is a lahar hazard area. As dangerous as a lahar can be, however, there are more immediate concerns for homeowners in Arlington. On top of normal home maintenance concerns—a leaky roof, an ant infestation, a rodent infestation, mold growth—occasional flooding is a reality for the Arlington area. When you add it all up, home upkeep and maintenance itself can seem like a full-time job.

But you don’t have to quit your job to get your home in good shape. If you think you have rats in your crawl space, water damage in your attic, or inefficient heating, then call professionals who offer excellent attic and crawl space cleaning services in the Arlington area. Here are some services offered in your area.

Attic Cleaning

Your attic provides a buffer between your home’s temperature and outside temperatures. A specialist can provide a few services that will optimize your attic’s ability to keep your home warmed or cooled effectively. Firstly, a specialist will look at your attic insulation. He may suggest replacing or refilling sections if the insulation is thinly applied. For this, spray foam insulation growing in popularity. Secondly, the specialist can look at your duct insulation and sealing—if it has been done before—or he may suggest it as a new service to improve energy efficiency. Thirdly, he can evaluate your home for attic sealing, which encloses your attic space as much as it can be to keep it clean, orderly, and efficient.

Alongside insulation services, you can avail yourself of pest removal services. Critters that nest in your attic will chew into wood and wiring and turn your attic into a stinking mess. These pests should be removed as quickly as possible. The same goes for smaller pests such as wasps.

Mold removal and remediation services are other important services for your home’s health. A specialist can evaluate any existing mold and give you options for its removal or remediation.

Crawl Space Cleaning

Spray foam insulation is available for your crawl space if its old insulation needs to be replaced. If you need rodent or pest removal services in your crawl space, then you might need new insulation around the area(s) where the pests nested. Old insulation will be soiled, which will contribute to poor air quality. Be sure to have pests removed as soon as you notice them. The same goes for mold. Your specialist can inform you of obvious signs of mold and suggest mold removal or remediation.

Duct insulation and sealing services are also available for a crawl space. Along with crawl space encapsulation, these services seal the bottom of your house from the elements so that temperature and moisture can be controlled. This makes your home as energy efficient as possible and keeps the underbelly of your home clean.

So don’t wait for that damp smell to get worse or for that heating bill to go up even more. Contact your local professionals in Snohomish County and get your attic and crawl space cleaned and protected.

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