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Marysville is a low-lying city in Snohomish County. It lies north of the Snohomish River delta, just 35 miles north of Seattle. This distance puts Marysville inside of the Seattle metropolitan area, which makes sense considering the city’s population boom during suburbanization. Marysville’s population has grown from 5,000 in 1980 to over 65,000 as of the 2016 estimate. All of this growth—infrastructure, businesses, and homes—is built on old farmland in the river delta, and areas of it are susceptible to flooding.

When heavy rains always cause flood concerns, other (often deemed lesser) concerns may fall to the wayside. This is understandable but not always wise.

Sure, your home didn’t flood—and that’s good—but is that old roof leaking? When was the last time you checked your attic after a heavy rain? Did the nearby flooding drive rats into your crawl space? When was the last time you checked your crawl space for holes in its walls or pest and water damage inside?

If it has been years, then you may want to reach out to attic cleaning and crawl space cleaning professionals in the Snohomish County area who can inspect your home and offer evaluations and estimates for their services. There’s no reason to hesitate. Read below for a description of important cleanup and cost-saving services offered in the Marysville area.

Attic Cleaning

Termites, ants, wasps, rats, squirrels, skunks, raccoons, and more bugs and animals can invade and nest in your home’s attic and crawl space. Prompt rodent and pest removal services are important to minimizing damage from the pests and costs of cleanup. Your attic insulation or crawl space insulation may need to be replaced in soiled areas, and wood and wiring may need to be replaced.

Uncontrolled moisture can wreak havoc in an attic or crawl space due to poor ventilation or leaks, which leads to mold. A professional can offer mold removal and remediation services for your home. After an inspection, he can determine an appropriate course of action to remove the mold and help prevent more from growing.

Crawl Space Cleaning

Insulation is what keeps your home cool during summer and warm during winter. A professional can use spray foam insulation to bolster under-filled areas of your attic or crawl space. He or she can also provide a duct insulation and sealing service. This service improves air flow throughout the home by sealing holes in your ducts and insulating them so that energy is not lost as air is blown into your home’s rooms. These services help lower energy costs.

There are more extensive options available for optimizing your attic’s and crawl space’s efficiency. Attic sealing and crawl space encapsulation services offer optimal cleanliness, moisture control, temperature regulation, and energy efficiency for your home. They have the added bonus of providing the most protection against mold and pests by controlling moisture and creating an inhospitable environment for pests.

Contact a professional and arrange an inspection today! Don’t hesitate to find out which services are right for you and your home.

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