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Lynnwood, Washington sits in the southwest corner of Snohomish County. That makes this city of over 36,000 people a commuter city within the Seattle metropolitan area. There isn’t much business development here, because most residents drive or commute to nearby Seattle and Everett. It is very much a residential area. So who do you go to when you have problems with your home, such as rats in your crawl space or a leaky roof causing your attic to mold? Well, don’t worry, because there are local professionals who service the Lynnwood area for all your attic cleaning and crawl space cleaning needs which you can find described below.

Attic Cleaning

Rodent and pest removal can be intensive work. There’s more to it than just setting a trap for a squirrel or spraying for ants. Before you buy a new trap or ant killer products, save your money and find out what professional pest removal services entail. Oftentimes, a DIY pest removal project might end in a call to the professionals anyway.

Poisoned rodents can die in spaces you can’t reach, and then you’re left with a stench in a wall, and pest infestations can require more than just sprays and pellets. A professional will remove the problem and evaluate your home for any damage caused. These services can save you time and the stress of second-guessing your own.

Crawl Space Cleaning

Mold removal can be a straightforward job in a bedroom, but it can become difficult in the confines of an attic or crawl space. Even if you want to clean the area yourself, the mold might return. On the other hand, a professional will inspect the affected area and offer appropriate mold removal and remediation services that will provide the best cleanup possible and take steps to ensure that the cause of the moisture problem is addressed. Overall, this professional service will improve air quality in your home and help keep mold out of the rest of your house.

Insulation is used to keep your home’s air inside so that your heating and cooling unit doesn’t overwork. One service that is geared toward energy efficiency is basic attic insulation and crawl space insulation. Spray foam insulation is a popular type used today, because a professional can quickly and precisely apply the insulation where needed. Another service is duct insulation and sealing, which involved checking for and sealing gaps in ducts so that there is no air loss between your central heating and cooling unit and the rooms in your home. Ducts are also insulated to prevent temperature changes and to control moisture.

You can take the idea of duct sealing and insulation and apply it to your attic space as a whole. Attic sealing boards and seals everywhere except established vents so that the attic is clean and will help you conserve energy. The same can be done for your crawl space, but crawl space encapsulation even seals the vents. Without natural ventilation, a dehumidifier will be used to control moisture underneath the house. These two services conserve the most energy, and they have the added benefit of providing you with the most protection against pests by creating inhospitable environments for bugs and animals.

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