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On the western side of Snohomish County, sitting on the coast of Possession Sound, is Everett, Washington. Everett is the county seat as well as its largest city with a population over 100,000. That’s a lot of people—and a lot of homes—all spread out amongst waterfront locations and numerous parks such as the rugged Forest Park, the more urban Evergreen Arboretum and Gardens, and Nishiyama Garden at Everett Community College.

All this green space in the city is great for air quality and beauty, but the combination of abundant green spaces and permanent water sources also means that bugs and animals thrive in neighborhoods from Riverside to Bayside to View Ridge-Madison. In such conditions, homeowners must consider the health of their house’s attic and crawl space. For example, rodent or pest infestations become costly if left unchecked. You can contact local Everett and Snohomish County professionals who offer excellent attic cleaning and crawl space cleaning services. Continue reading for a list of what to consider and a description of common services provided.

Attic Cleaning

Rodent and pest removal services involve a professional locating the infestation and removing it. Afterward, the area can be evaluated for damage and more cleanup and repair options can be discussed. Cleanup can be replacing ruined insulation, and repairs can be replacing destroyed boards or wiring. While you can remove a rodent or pest from your home, a professional can best inspect your home for damage caused by the pests.

Mold removal and remediation services involve a professional locating mold growth within your attic or crawl space, evaluating the extent of the mold, and providing remediation options. Materials such as brick, wood, and drywall usually are removed and replaced when mold grows on them extensively, while the surrounding areas may be treated to prevent future growth. Mold will cause foul smells and may pose health concerns, so don’t hesitate to contact someone if you suspect water damage in your attic or crawl space.

Crawl Space Cleaning

Attic insulation and crawl space insulation come in a range of different products. Spray foam insulation, however, is one of the most popular types available today. A professional can add spray foam insulation as needed with ease and precision. Your existing insulation should be inspected for cleanliness, proper placement, and sufficient amounts.

Duct insulation and sealing services involve a professional insulating and sealing ducts to prevent air loss from your heating and cooling unit. This keeps your unit working more efficiently and helps lower energy costs.

Attic sealing services involve a professional boarding and sealing everywhere so that your attic becomes the ultimate air buffer for your home. Airflow is well regulated, and there should be no air loss from ducts or your home’s ceiling. This service provides the most benefit to your energy costs.

Crawl space encapsulation services involve a professional covering the ground, walls, and supports in your crawl space and sealing the vents. Then, he will install a dehumidifier to control moisture. A covered crawl space will keep everything clean, and regulated moisture will ward off pests. This service also provides the most benefit to your energy costs.

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