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The city of Snohomish sits in the western part of its namesake, Snohomish County. With a downtown steeped in history and full of antique shops, this small city is an antique collector’s dream.

The Snohomish Historic District is very popular as well. Old business buildings and homes still stand with plaques prominently displayed to inform passersby of the rich history all around. Places such as Adams Manor, an old home now used for vacation rentals, draw a lot of attention from tourists.

Old homes here must be well maintained if the owners wish to use them as places of business.

But private homes—old or new—are no different. Keeping a home healthy for the years ahead can require services you are not able to do yourself or are not fully aware of. Luckily, attic and crawl space cleaning experts are in the Snohomish area.

You can contact a local professional for an inspection and evaluation of your home today. Read here for some of the problems that a professional will look for and the services that can be offered.

Crawl Space Cleaning

When a professional inspects your crawl space, he or she will look for signs of present or past pest infestations and the damage that they can cause, moisture and mold presence, insulation coverage, unsealed corners and ducts, and overall cleanliness and efficiency (or inefficiency, as the case may be).

There are a range of services to remedy any problems.

  • Pest removal service entails removing the pest, yes, but most likely also letting you know of any structural or electrical damage caused by the pests and discussing ways to prevent the pests from returning.
  • Mold removal and remediation service is available if water has created a mold problem in your crawl space. If mold is present, then this service is important. Mold can cause foul odors to arise inside your home, which can lead to headaches or respiratory problems in people sensitive to molds.
  • Another service offered is for the crawl space insulation to be inspected; and a professional can refill areas with spray foam insulation. This will improve energy efficiency and help prevent very cold floors in your home.
  • If you want even more efficiency, then duct insulation and sealing is the service for you. Duct insulation prevents energy loss as your heated air flows from your heating unit to your home, and duct sealing prevents air from escaping the ducts.
  • Crawl space encapsulation is a service that covers and seals your entire crawl space, even vents, so that it is left clean and dry, with moisture controlled by a dehumidifier. With this service, your crawl space becomes the most efficient it can be and also becomes an inhospitable place for pests who prefer damp, moist locations.

Attic Cleaning

The inspection checklist for the crawl space will be similar for the attic, and most of the services are the same as well. Pest removal and mold removal and remediation is the same for your attic and just as important. Pests and molds can wreak havoc in your attic and should be dealt with as soon as possible. Waiting will only may air quality worse for you and increase cleanup costs.

Attic insulation can be refilled with spray foam insulation, and duct insulation and sealing services are provided for the attic, too. The purpose and process is the same.

Attic sealing is a service similar to crawl space encapsulation, but the process is different. An attic cannot be as completely sealed as a crawl space, because heat accumulates in the attic, so the space must be ventilated. However, energy efficiency often can be improved greatly by sealing nooks and crannies that allow for air to transfer in and out of your attic. Sealing these places keeps your attic clean, helps regulate temperatures and keep pests out, and makes your attic an optimal buffer between your home and outside temperatures.

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