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Mill Creek crawl space cleaning

Mill Creek is a planned community that was built around its golf course. Now the city has about 20,000 residents and the Mill Creek Town Center that is a commercial hub for the center. Being a planned city means homes and are built in a logical manner, but there is water nearby that has been a hazard in the past, like the time a beaver dam broke and flooded a Mill Creek neighborhood in 2017.

Is your home in one of these areas? Do you have concerns about your attic or crawl space integrity? Homeowners in Mill Creek can contact professionals who are committed to making sure you have a healthy home. Quality attic cleaning and crawl space cleaning services are only a phone call away. Read about services offered in your area before scheduling a specialist to inspect your home.

Crawl Space Cleaning

The bottom of a home is susceptible to water damage from floods, standing water from heavy rains, and excessive moisture combined with poor ventilation. Water can damage crawl space insulation, wood, and other materials. When ventilation is bad, it can lead to mold. Luckily, professionals provide mold removal and remediation services.

Another common reason to call in a professional is pest removal. Rodents and pests are persistent, and it can take some work to get them out of your crawl space, keep them out, and clean up after them.

Once any mold and pests are removed, a professional can refill your crawl space insulation, probably with a spray foam insulation, the more popular method being used today.

If you want increased energy efficiency, you can have a professional assess your crawl space for duct insulation and sealing. This service aims to stop air from escaping the ducts as it is piped into your home. If you want optimal protection and energy efficiency, then have your home evaluated for crawl space encapsulation which seals the space and provides moisture control that works to keep away mold and pests.

Attic Cleaning

Services for attic cleaning are much the same. Moisture can lead to mold, which can be removed or remediated. Pest removal options are the same as well. A professional can evaluate your attic and talk through your options for removing pests and keeping them out.

Attic insulation can be replaced or replenished with easy-to-install spray foam insulation, and you can have duct insulation and sealing done for your attic, too. Again, this will keep costs down on energy bills as air and energy loss through the ducts is minimized.

Attics cannot be encapsulated, because they need ventilation to release heat during warm weather; however, you can inquire about an attic sealing service. This seals everything else in the attic and provides you with the most complete buffer between your home’s climate and the temperatures outside. Your attic will be clean, tidy, pest and mold resistant, and efficient.

Again, don’t hesitate to call and schedule an appointment now. The longer you wait, the worse (and more expensive) problems become. Contact us now and get peace of mind today!

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